Predicate: $aram-i

Roleset id: 01 , to split or cleave, to slit

        Arg0: agent
        Arg1: things split
        Arg2: beneficiary if separated from ARG1


شرم الطفل أنف صاحبه

        Arg0 : الطفل
        Gloss: the kid
        Arg1 : أنف
        Gloss: the nose
        Arg2 : صاحبه
        Gloss: his friend

Roleset id: 02 , to give a little

        Arg0: giver
        Arg1: things given
        Arg2: to whom


شرم الرجل من ماله لصاحبه

        Arg0 : الرجل
        Gloss: the man
        Arg1 : من ماله
        Gloss: from his money
        Arg2 : لصاحبه
        Gloss: to his friend