Predicate: $arad-u

Roleset id: 01 , to run away or flee, to escape, to go astray

        Arg0: entity running
        Arg1: from whom / what
        Arg2: to where


شرد البعير من صاحبه الى الصحراء

        Arg0 : البعير
        Gloss: the camel
        Arg1 : من صاحبه
        Gloss: fom his owner
        Arg2 : الى الصحراء
        Gloss: to the desert

Roleset id: 02 , to be or become absentminded

        Arg1: entity become absentminded
        Arg2: from what


شرد بذهنه عن العمل

        Arg1 : بذهنه
        Gloss: with his mind
        Arg2 : عن العمل
        Gloss: from work